Man Receives $1Million Ventura Bail Bonds

How do you get $1 million Ventura Bail Bonds? Well, try assaulting an officer, taking their stun gun, shooting it in their face, then stealing their weapon, shoot them, and continuously beating them up and letting them get away. Yes, that would do it.

ventura bail bondsA man in Ventura, CA is being charged with suspicion of a violent encounter with a police officer. That’s an understatement.

The story goes, a 911 call was placed around 10am in the morning. The 911 call was placed but no conversation was had. The department tried called the phone number back several times, but did not get a response. So the Ventura Police decided to send out a squad car to investigate.

Deputy Traci Salmon took the call and drove over to the residence where the call was made from. This is where the brawl started. As the deputy approached the front door, the occupant jumped her.

He wrestled and beat her down and ripped the Taser gun from her utility belt. He then proceeded to shoot the taser gun and hit her in the face. If you have ever seen the effects of these taser guns, you are now realizing what position the deputy is in.

The assailant then stole her service weapon and fired it at her. The bullet hit the deputy in the lower body. The brawl continued and somehow the deputy was able to flee the residence.

The occupant reseeded in to the house, keeping the weapon. He stayed there until numerous other police vehicles arrived at the scene.

At 11:30am the occupant came out of the house and surrendered to the Ventura Police. This is when the police charged the assailant with a violent encounter with a police officer. His Ventura Bail Bonds is set at $1 million. Most likely the man is still in jail, awaiting his court date, which is Tuesday.

Why is he still in jail? Well, in order to bail out for a $1 million bail bonds, the defendant will need to come up with $100,000 to give to a bail bonds company that is willing to write the bail bonds. It’s highly unlikely that this guy has $100,000 sitting around in his bank account. And its also highly unlikely that a bail bonds company would write the bond. It’s considered very risky.

The other choice for the defendant is to put up the entire $1 million in cash. Which means he would have to have a $1 million in hard cash or have a cashiers check worth that amount. He would also have to file and get cleared on a 1275 filing. This is where the defendant needs to prove to the court and judge that the money he is putting up for the bail bonds is legitimate. Meaning that the money is not from anything illegal, like; drugs, real estate, et al.

Either way, it seems like a very easy case to rule on. The deputy was mugged, beat up, and shot. The only thing she did was knock on the front door. Its surprising that the man has any bail at all. There’s some lucky public defender out there that gets to represent this case and we’re betting there will be some sort of insanity plea.

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