No Los Angeles Bail Bonds for People On Welfare

California residents who are on welfare will not be allowed to utilize their welfare debit cards for Air Bail Bonds Los Angeles, amongst other choices. There is a list of companies that were originally on the welfare network that have or will be taken off and therefore not given access to residents who have the welfare debit cards.

Since 2007,California residents in possession of a welfare debit card have withdrawn over 4 million dollars from ATM’s at casinos. It turns out that over $220K a month are being withdrawn  utilizing these debit cards at various establishments, such as; casinos, strip clubs, and yes, Los Angeles bail bonds. All of these particular types of establishments are considered to not be on par with the guidelines for the goal of the welfare plan.

As a Los Angeles Bail Bonds company, we don’t mind at all that a bail bonds company would not be listed in the welfare network. The money should be regulated strongly to make sure it is being spent correctly. The problem we have is that over 4 million dollars has already gone by the wayside due to a loophole that people on welfare have found.

The article states that since 2007, over 4 million dollars has been withdrawn from ATM’s in casinos. What about all the other companies that would be considered wrong choices for what a welfare debit card should allow. Bars, medical marijuana dispensaries, jewelry shops, liquor stores, zoos, amusement parks, car washes, could all be places that we consider shouldn’t be on the welfare debit card network.air bail bonds los angeles

How long has this been going on unregulated? Has it just been since 2007? Why was there not a regulated system in place from the inception of the debit card?

Wouldn’t you think that the only companies that should be available on the debit card should be stores that provide items that are needed for survival? Maybe we should have welfare only stores where no liquor is sold and just baby items and food. Why do families on welfare have babies anyways. If you are on welfare already meaning that you can’t afford your current lifestyle without assistance, or something like that, why should you have a child or another child, and be compensated on top of the poor decision?

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