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Operation Disarm involved over 1000 Officers and 77 arrests happened last week. Two of the 77 parolees were from Santa Clarita, CA. But this time, they were not given Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. This time they are being detained without bail.

(661) 705-8430The parolees were arrested for violating their terms of their parole. This usually means, not having in your possession; ammunition, firearms, drugs, or even drug paraphernalia. There are big reasons why the justice system wants to keep these types of items away from known offenders, the major one is just common sense. Why would the courts and justice system want to let Felony charged offenders out and then allow them to follow the same roads that got them in jail in the first place?

More than 150 rounds of ammunition were found as well as 21 weapons. And these are known criminals. Plus, the officers found caches of marijuana, cocaine, and other drug paraphernalia. On top of the weapons and drugs that were found, 11 children were found also and had to be taken to protective custody.

That’s just what we need, criminals producing more criminals.

All in all, the entire operation was deemed successful. The whole operation is part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). The CDCR was formed to provide safety to the counties including Santa Clarita, CA. It also saves the county money. It also helps with the case loads that the Santa Clarita Valley Police Detectives currently have.

The department and operation sends a message to the Santa Clarita Valley community that the Government is taking steps to provide a safer environment and helping lead the community away from any gang movements and gang affiliations. Its a step in the right direction and since the parolees information is already known and information about that parolees has been provided that they have violated their terms, its only best to take them off the streets again and put them in lock up.

Also, refusing bail on a lot of them seems realistic since they have violated their terms any ways, which means that they probably won’t comply with any bail structure set upon them by the attending judge. This way they’re remanded to their cells until they appear in front of the judge, which for convicted felons seems to be the right choice.

Being a bail bondsman one would think that my opinion would be to offer bail for the arrested parolees seeing that it would provide more business. But if you ask most bail bonds agents in this case, they would probably tell you that they wouldn’t write the bail bonds on these characters due to a high flight risk. They’ve already been convicted of a felony, most likely involving drugs and firearms and now they’ve violated their terms with the same crime showing a repetition that reveals a risk that most bail bonds agents wouldn’t take.

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