Northridge Professor Charged with Urinating on Door

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A 43 year old professor at the California State University of Northridge has been charged with urinating on his colleague’s office door. He failed to appear for a pretrial hearing and now has a $35,000 warrant. This will most likely be the cost of the bail bonds for him.

The teacher is a Math professor. His name is Tihomir Petrov and is 43 years old. Petrov specializes in algebraic geometry and algebraic k-theory. It appears that he also teaches a little bit at the University of California Irvine.

After discovering pools of liquid at a professor’s door, school officials investigated further and declared that the puddles of liquid were actually urine. Once this was determined, the schooll officials placed hidden cameras for surveillance.

At this time the urinating happend again and the officials scanned the tapes and found that Tihomir Petrov was actually the one urinating on the professor’s door. Apparently Petrov has been having a dispute with the other professor and thought that urinating on his door might make things better.

Petrov is alos charged with two misdemeanor counts of urinating in public for a December 2010 incident. There seems to be a pattern here. Either Petrov just can’t hold his urine or he feels that this is some sort of a communication process.

Aren’t our professors supposed to be leaders and people that the current, past and future students would like to follow and look up to? In the old days, like 1920′s, people used to urinate around their cabins. These were people that lived in the mountains and the only neighbors they had were the wildlife. So they would urinate to provide an boundary to their “territory.”

This is one of the only explanations we can think of for Petrov’s actions. Maybe he was establishing his territory.

Our Covina Bail Bonds office has bailed out individuals with these charges every now and then. It’s a charge that the defendant usually get’s OR’d. (released on their own recognizance). But in this case, with the offense taking place against another individual, meaning that, the individual has probably planned the offense out and has proceded with intent and reason behind it, the case holds more weight.


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