Orange County Bail Bonds Industry Speak

A bail bondsman in Orange County has had its ups and downs with recent changes in their industry.  The competition as well as the level of respect within the bail community was very present amongst the veterans.  With any market, things begin to change in terms of competition and marketing strategies. Orange County Bail Bonds companies have been some of the leaders in the online market.

The internet has been the biggest impact within the bail bond industry which has allowed any agency to operate in the capacity of being everywhere without being physically in that location.  This type of presence has changed the dynamics of the business.

The bail bond business has always been a face to face interaction with its clients.  Internet bail bond agencies will now accept bail by phone, email or even fax which eliminates that interaction.  This type of paradigm shift has caused many changes including the bail rates to become much more competitive as well as larger bail agencies to monopolize on their current presence and expansion.  For an Orange County bail bonds company to succeed in this growing competitive market it is important understand the paradigm shifts that this industry is heading in to.

There are many different types of internet marketing but the main types of marketing is either SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (pay per click). Many of the top competitors within the bail bond industry have focused on the SEO portion which has allowed them to minimize their cost on PPC marketing.  The average CTR (click through rate) for the PPC campaign has been hovering around 2-4% which means that the Google Local Maps and Organic Listings are still the bread and butter of the traffic to bail bond agencies in Orange County.  Focusing your business model on the PPC campaign may have an instant reward but the longevity is short lived.

Many bail bond agencies have yet to understand the concept of internet marketing which has lead many of them to take the wrong advice from marketing companies.  It is important not only to understand the importance of internet marketing but to also understand the logistics and logic behind these marketing strategies.  Many top bail bond companies either hire a full time marketing team or a consultant to advise them on the trends and strategies behind their marketing campaigns.  This has given agencies the leverage needed to beat out their competition and leave many of them out of business due to the changes the internet has brought.

A quick search on Google will show how many Orange County Bail Bonds companies have taken advantage of the World Wide Web”s capabilities. Most of these bail bonds agency’s competition are now on the outside looking in. When in the old days, their brick and mortar office space was all that was needed to bring in the income. When you combine the fallen economy and the lack of an online presence, you can see why a lot of these old timer Orange County Bail Bonds companies have fallen by the wayside.

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