Pasadena Bail Bonds for Four Passengers

Be careful who you are driving with, oh, and be careful who’s car you are driving in. There are possibly four Pasadena Bail Bonds for four passengers of a car in Pasadena, CA. Pasadena Police Officers spotted a car that had been reported stolen. The officers saw the car driving on Marengo Avenue.

They quickly took up pursuit of the vehicle. As they followed the vehicle it suddenly stopped, the driving fled the vehicle leaving the other three Pasadena Bail  Bondspassengers sitting in the car. The officers called in a police helicopter and started searching the Pasadena area.

After 25 mins of searching, they found the driving hiding in an electrical box. Apparently, the driver had a warrant out for him for assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested for suspicion of auto theft.

The three passengers were also taken in on charges of suspicion of auto theft. No word yet on whether they were awarded Pasadena Bail Bonds. One of the passengers was a 17 year old girl. The other two kids were 20 and 23 and brothers.

So, your homey shows up, known for having a warrant out for his arrest in a car that doesn’t look familiar. Wouldn’t some red flags quickly go up and make you think twice on getting in the car? I’m sure the girl was getting some peer pressure to hop in and go rolling with the others.

Bad decisions are made every day and this one of them. Luckily no one got hurt. Be sure that the parents got wind of this because they were probably getting calls from the Pasadena jail. Then the parents had the delightful time of bailing them out. Hopefully the parents found some good Pasadena Bail Bonds companies to deal with.

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