Pasadena Bail Bonds for USC and UCLA Fans

The UCLA-USC rivalry goes back many years and most of the time the the tailgating is just full of trash talk with humorous anecdotes thrown around. This last weekend,a few $1 million Pasadena Bail Bonds were handed out to three individuals for the charges of attempted murder. All of this happening before the game ever began.

pasadena bail bondsSources say the tailgater’s were there since 6:30 in the morning and that the entire fight broke out because of an overthrown football that hit a Mercedes. Three kids from the Mercedes area decided that they would walk over and confront the group that overthrew the football, and the melee began.

It’s believed that the receivers of the pasadena bail bonds were from the Mercedes group. Once the melee began, that’s when the stabbings started. Two kids were stabbed numerous times.

One kid ended up in the Emergency room with a plastic surgeon having to take over the scenario. Apparently he received a stab wound to the cheek. Not only was he stabbed in the cheek, a part of the knife had broken off in his cheek bone. The plastic surgeon decided to leave the piece of metal there because it would have made things worse to try and dig it out. The surgeon has stated that they will wait to see how the wound heals itself.

The other individual that was stabbed numerous times throughout the body ended up in the hospital also. Neither stabbings received life-threatening wounds.

A lot of the brawl was caught on video cameras and video from phones. After taking a look at most of the video footage, its just a realization of various miscreants looking for reasons to brawl and throw punches. You’ll notice in the videos individuals just standing around and wondering what is going on, then out of nowhere someone throws a punch at them. It’s really a sad sight to see at an event that is all about a good rivalry and good times.

Pasadena Police detectives say that most of the problems were caused by drunkenness and people just looking for fights. These are normally referred to as thugs. Individuals with nothing else to do but to create havoc and cause fights. Another definition of a thug is an idiot with no general sense of morals and ethics.

Now that the three thugs are in jail for attempted murder, they’re set with $1 million bail bonds. In order to get either of them out, someone needs to come up with $100,000 to pay the bail bonds company for the service of putting up the very large Pasadena Bail Bonds. Maybe these thugs might have parents with deep pockets, maybe not, either way they have some hefty charges against them.

Two of the thugs are said to have beat up on the police officers that arrived on scene. Not that anything is worse than attempted murder, the slayings of the two other kids, but things can’t get much worse for someone legally than throwing blows with a police officer. The charges on these two are assault on a police officer, in other words, a drunken idiot.

What’s going to happen now? Probably no more fun in the parking lot for fans looking to tailgate. So a bunch of thugs ruin it again for the families and friends who like to enjoy the parties involved at these college football games. If the tailgating doesn’t completely get cancelled, there will probably and insane amount of security for the area. The effects of hiring such security will be felt in the ticket prices and parking prices. Thanks goes out to all the thugs out there that believe violence is a fun way to pass an afternoon, idiots.

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