Person in Van Nuys CA Abusing the Elderly

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As a Van Nuys Bail Bonds company, we don’t always write stories on this site that pertain only to the bail bonds industry or How Bail Bonds Work. We do however like to write about stories that are relevant to the local area we live and work in. We came across this story the other day.

A 21 year old mail who works at a local Van Nuys Nursing home and is currently in Van Nuys Court on charges of 7 counts of elderly abuse and one count for torture regarding mistreatment of the nursing home patients.

Allegedly the 21 year old male had been mistreating the elderly who were staying at this nursing home in Van Nuys. One employee stated that they saw him jumping off of furniture and landing on the patient as they lay in bed. This was a bed-ridden dementia patient who had no way of protecting themselves. I don’t know about you, but does that sound like something fun to do? Sure, maybe if you were working late and you and another coworker were screwing around play WWE or something and doing high-flying moves on each other, that would be one thing, but on a bed-ridden patient? Come on….Really?

The defense are stating that all evidence is not factual and based solely on rumors. But the prosecutors actually have sworn testimony by some of the employees of the nursing facility.

At Van Nuys Bail Bonds we hope to see the results of this case and hope to see some justice for such inhumane cruelty to our elder population. We also hope to see some regulations put in place for these institutions as this story is not unique. We have read  many other stories relating to elderly abuse in nursing homes. We’ve noticed many new elderly home dwellings springing up all around town so we’re sure this won’t be the end of it unless we get some good regulations in place to head off any more illegalities.


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