Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for High Schooler?

They don’t really issue Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for high schoolers who are 16 years old. Actually they don’t issue bail bonds for juveniles at all. But if the girl at Hart High School who stabbed another student four times with an 8-inch knife was of age, 18, she would be in the Santa Clarita Jail with a fairly large bail bonds for attempted murder.

santa clarita bail bondsDuring lunch at Hart High School, the girl somehow got a hold of an 8 inch chef’s knife. It’s not clear how she got the knife, but we all know that while hanging out in the lunch room, its pretty easy to walk through the kitchen doors and obtain whatever you really need.

She wandered over to the other girl and the altercation started. The other girl tried defending herself. She had cuts on both hands and ended up getting stabbed 4 times throughout the body. While the altercation was happening, a teacher came forward and defended the girl.

At this point, the assailant came after the teacher. The teacher brought the girl down and took the knife from her. He did not receive any wounds from the incident.

At this point the fiasco was over and the police were called.

Let’s recap and add some thoughts. Standing there watching two girls go at it or even two guys fighting is an occurrence that happens readily at most high schools. The kids stand around, watch the fight, it’s pretty ridiculous. And sometimes if the fight gets really bad, its broken up by someone who actually has some ethics and morals.

So, why was this altercation allowed to continue? Why did the students allow someone to wield a knife against an opponent without a weapon to defend herself? Its absolutely insane that the students would allow this to happen. It was shown that the only individual with any sort of humanity, ethics, or morals was the teacher who came in to rescue the girl who was getting slain.

Maybe the assault happened so quickly that the students didn’t actually know what was going on? Not probable. The students knew and stood by and did nothing. All the students who witnessed the event should be prosecuted and disciplined.

According to rumors, the entire altercation was over some boy. A lover dispute. So, the girl who got stabbed probably saw the boy without notifying the other girl who was probably going steady with the boy. Really?? It’s high school. Everybody sees everybody. There are girlfriends, boyfriends, and friends and they all go to school with hormones going crazy and none of the relationships really matter anyways and none of the relationships are worth stabbing anyone over.

After the whole lunch entertainment was over, the school shut down everyone went home. The Santa Clarita Sheriffs are still investigating the assault and have not officially filed anything yet.

The police should go around and find out who witnessed the event. Once they have all the witnesses they should arrest them all and say they were accessories to attempted murder. Now what would all of the fifty students who witnessed the event do sitting in the Santa Clarita Jail do now. The parents would have to be notified as to why they are being remanded in jail.

Hopefully this would bring some light to the situation of how to lead a life of good morals and ethics, hopefully.

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