Santa Clarita Bail Bonds Issued for SCV Drug House

Every wonder who your Santa Clarita Valley neighbor really is? Two $10,000 and one $100,000 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds were issued to 3 different people who resided at a house in Santa Clarita Valley.

Two of the suspects were father and son. Father Kevin Jak, age 42 and son Jeremy Jak, age 21 now get to share some additional time together at the Santa Clarita Jail. Father get’s the $100, 000 bail bond and son get’s the $10,000 bail bond.

Goodness gracious, how alarming could this scenario be? It gets worse. The father also had a 1 year old living there and various other teenagers, ages ranging from 14 to 16. And of course to top it all off, a dying puppy was found in one of the rooms. None of the suspects have posted the Santa Clarita Bail Bonds yet.

There were Santa Clarita Sheriffs there, Narcotics officers, Child and Family services, and I’m sure a few other Santa Clarita County personnel.

The house contained almost every kind of drug paraphernalia, lots of stolen merchandise, and a house that was completely unsanitary. I just don’t get it, but then again, I’m not a drug addict.

dharman is a contributor for LABBC.


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  1. dharman says:

    K jak
    We’re just a reporting site and provide content based on our research. We are empathetic with your situation and look forward to finding out the results of this case. Please keep us informed.

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