Sheen On Other Side of Bail Bonds

Here’s $22,500! It’s just pocket cash for me any ways. Sheen’s just crazy, although, If I was rolling with that much money, I’d throw down $22,500 to bail out Dykstra, maybe not. Dykstra was being held on $150,000 worth of bail bonds for embezzlement charges.

Sheen was the person who bailed Dykstra out of jail. Sheen was probably just sitting around and wondered what he could do with $22,500 in cash, hey, I hear Dykstra just got arrested, let’s go bail him out! That’s a novel idea.

At our San Bernardino Bail Bonds office we see situations like this all the time, well, not really. The Sheen and Dykstra duo is not really a new thing. Apparently back in February, when Sheen was having all the trouble with his sitcom, Dykstra lobbied to hire a famous lawyer in town to get Sheen back on the show. The lawyer was Petrocelli.san bernardino bail bonds

Petrocelli turned down the offer because of conflict of interest with the Warner Bro’s outfit. Petrocelli currently represents Warner Bro’s in several cases and therefore can’t represent Sheen. Hmmm…you’d have thought Dykstra would have thought of that, but in light of the rest of his choices, this seems like par for the course.

That’s just a bit of the duo’s history together. For this scenario, Dykstra stole from his own house. He took over $400K worth of stuff from the house so that he could then wander down to a pawn shop and get whatever he could for the items. Since his house is in bankruptcy, taking anything from the house is illegal. What we wonder is, how’d he get caught? Do they have the place under surveillance. Imagine the scenario; hey, isn’t that the owner of the house stealing things and putting it in his car? And wouldn’t Dykstra actually already know where all the security is since it’s his house any ways? Again, par for the course is this chapter of Dykstra’s Life.

So, the $400K worht of embezzlement landed him in jail and now out on a $150,000 bail bond. He’s now legally bonded to the $150K, well, actually he and Sheen, since Sheen in his indemnitor.

Our San Bernardino Bail Bonds company would have a hard time writing this bail. Actually, the only thing Ricky’s Bail Bonds might get out of writing this bail is the press. Seeing how incredulously bad Dykstra’s decisions are and he’s already in bankruptcy. Now let’s look at the indemnitor; Sheen. Enough said. The only hope at the end of the tunnel for this bail bonds company is that Sheen is completely loaded and dropping $150,00 to pay the courts off because Dykstra has skipped bail and heading to Columbia, would be very easy.

Not only has Dykstra decided that stealing his own items from his bankrupt home was a good idea, he’s also showing bad judgement these days as an employer. Yep, his bail was at $500,000 for when he was arrested for lewd acts when interviewing a girl to be his house cleaner/massage therapist/whatever else you might think of. The case was dismissed because the prosecutors decided not to file the case. One more strike by Dykstra, not out yet.

The interviewee in this case has said that she will be pursuing and suing for damages.

I see a book coming out real soon for the Dykstra Diaries, personally funded by Sheen Productions and Lewd Act’s International.

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