Should There Be Simi Valley Bail Bonds for Fraudulent Company?

The Simi Valley funds company called National Funding was ruled to give over $160,000 back to the people that they fraudulently took the money from. They should receive Simi Valley bail bonds for this, but they’re escaping by pleading neither guilty or innocent to the charges against them.

The Superior Court ruled that National Funding was to pay back the people they cheated. What did they do?

If you own a house, you’ll be familiar with the scenario. You receive a letter in the mail. It looks very authentic and even kind of looks like its from the IRS or the State. The letter usually reads, We can reduce your property taxes by “x” amount, just fill out the form. Or the other letters just blatantly state, your property taxes are due, here is the amount, please make check out to “X” for this amount.

Because the letter looks so very similar to the normal property tax letters, most property owners don’t realize the scandal that they are getting involved in. The idea is simple and easy to create. Nowadays with computers, its very easy to duplicate letters such as these.

Also, most everyones property taxes are very easy to compute. Just take a look at their mortgage and fill out the paperwork accordingly. Most everyone’s mortgage information is easily found on the internet as well as addresses and names and owners of the properties.

Actually, its much easier to find a person on the internet if they own property. That type of information is all over the place. If the individual is younger, doesn’t really have credit, doesn’t own a vehicle, they have less of an internet footprint.

Now that the Superior Court has ruled for the defendants to pay a certain amount of civil penalties, what’s left for the fraudulent company. In the case, the company has stated that they neither deny nor admit to the liability and have decided to settle.

This seems like white collar crime and the company should be prosecuted, giving  Simi Valley Bail Bonds and thus sent to jail.

Individuals and companies that take advantage of US patrons to this degree should be sent to jail for a long time. There also needs to be a better way of triggering investigations in to similar fraud. Most home owners receive piles of letters in their mailbox daily. Filtering through the entire mess of junk mail and authentic mail is very cumbersome.

By the time you get through have the pile your senses are dulled and you end up not being able to filter out the junk mail from the real mail. So frauds such as this can easily end up the “pay” pile. At this point, it gets tough. Because as you go to the “pay” pile you are already trained that this is the “pay” file and you just go through the paces of paying the bills.

Next thing you know, you receive another property taxes letter in the mail and the confusion sets in. Why did I get the property tax bill again? I thought I paid that?

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