Simi Valley Bail Bonds for Kids Toting Toy Guns

Well, the toy guns part is true and the kids almost got arrested but no Simi Valley Bail Bonds were issued. They’re not even sure if the kids got cited for their behavior.

It was reported to the Simi Valley Police that guns were being pointed out of a car as it drove around in Simi Valley, CA. The Police then took up chase on the car. Eventually pulled them over. The situation was very tense because the Police had no idea of the actions of the passengers.

Since the Simi Valley Police got reports that the passengers had guns, they had to treat the scenario accordingly. I’m sure this put quite a scare on the kids. It’s report also that the kids were detained by the Police which means they probably had to take a ride in the squad car and hang out in jail for a while.

No Simi Valley Bail Bonds were issued though. Hopefully this will put a new perspective on these kid’s ideas of mischievous activity. As a Simi Valley Bail Agent, I’d rather they learn this way instead of having to really bail them out of the Simi Valley Jail. This scenario was serious, but no charges were filed, so the kids got lucky.

Imagine if they got pulled over and came flying out of the car waving their toy guns and unbeknownst to the Police the fact that the guns were fake, the Police open fire and three teenagers lose the rest of their ambitious lives. Stupidity just comes in many ways. Isn’t there enough story lines like this on TV that these kids could have seen to get an idea of the reality of the prank?

The Simi Valley Police mentioned that citizens just don’t realize the danger of situations like this; what could happen and what has actually happened in history. Nowadays with toy guns and replicas being manufactured so well, it’s difficult to notice a real gun from 25 feet or so away. You would think that the toy makers would be required to put markings on the fake pistols to allow the appearance to be specific. But then again, what if these markings distinguished the guns as toy guns, then you have the real criminals painting and marking their real guns for devious reasons. Who knows…just don’t buy any kind of a gun for your kids, How about that?

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