Steal Lottery Tickets Get 2 Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

Two men were arrested for stealing lottery tickets from a Vallarta supermarket. For this act they get Santa Clarita Bail Bonds. Santa Clarita Police investigated the burglary after getting a report that lottery tickets were stolen. The deputies used video surveillance footage to help with the investigation.

Apparently the thief had an insider for the Vallarta Supermarket. Once in the store, the thief would pretend to shop and then on the santa clarita bail bondsway out would go through a specific aisle and that is where his inside connection helped out. The inside connection, an employee of the Vallarta Supermarket, would just place the lottery tickets in the basket  and bid teh thief farewell.

You gotta wonder how the two kids got caught? Probably, the manager was checking inventory of the lottery tickets and found a 100 missing. The manager probably just went down the line from there, checking how far back the inventory matched with the cashier for that day and narrowed it down to the insider connection that was stealing from the supermarket. Then, that probably gave the manager a good time slot to check the video footage and figure out the caper.

In all these crimes it always seems that the criminals never really think it through. Lottery tickets are tracked very well. Their inventory is automatically checked with electronical devices. Each ticket has a barcode on it. If a ticket shows up somewhere for redemption, its recorded into a large database and if that database shows that the lottery ticket’s barcode was never scanned for purchase, then red flags go up and police get called.

Garcia, the thief, and the insider connection at the Vallarta supermarket now have Santa Clarita Bail Bonds and will hopefully be fined and jailed for a while. Hopefully they’ll take their lives a little more seriously now and maybe start making better decisions.

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