Teen Mom Amber Portwood To Receive Bail Bonds

If she were in San Bernardino, she would have received some San Bernardino Bail Bonds. She’s facing felony domestic violence charges. What’s even more brilliant, she performed the violent acts in front of the camera for the MTV show. What’s her defense going to be? MTV made me do it?

san bernardino bail bondsOn her reality TV show she’s seen kicking, slapping, pushing, and choking her boyfriend. These charges are normally just misdemeanor, but since she did all of this in front of their one year old child, the charges are raised to felony.

Once the police put the case together, they will return to formally arrest Portwood and take her to jail. This is where she’ll receive the chance to bail herself out. Just like San Bernardino Bail Bonds, her bail bonds can be handled in a few different ways.

She can have an indemnitor sign for her on a bail bonds company’s paperwork. In this case the indemnitor will pay the bail bonds company 10% of the overall bail cost. She has two counts of felony domestic violence, which is $50,000 each, totaling $100,000. So who ever bails her out will be spending $10,000 to free her and will be responsible for her making all of her court dates. I wonder if her court appearances and legal ongoings will be aired on the reality show also?

The other choice she has is to put the full amount up for bail. In this case she would have to come up with $100,000 cash or money order and deliver it straight to the court. She would then receive this money back when the entire case is over with. If she misses any of the court dates or skips bail, the court may keep the money. If she misses the court date, she will have to appear in front of the judge and her bail bonds might even be raised.

Let’s look at the ways this scenario is completely wrong. First, she has a one year old kid and she’s only 20 years old. Its quite clear that 20 year olds these days are more mature than 20 year olds 10 years ago. Mature? Maybe not more mature, but they have seen more in their 20 years of living than kids 10 years ago. It’s obvious their decision making abilities aren’t as good as they should be. On top of these poor choices is also the fact that she’s had a child out of wedlock. Now wedlock is a very ancient word as is the idea of marriage nowadays, but it’s just the icing and cherry on top of the cake.

Committing a crime is a bad decision in of itself. But how about committing a crime in front of the cameras on a show that airs on a nationally broadcast network? Now that’s a really good decision (sarcasm). She not only thought that beating the snot out of her boyfriend was acceptable, but did it publically, not  just publically, but for a show that airs in front of millions of viewers. Brilliant!

If she lived in California, she deserves the San Bernardino Bail Bonds, but she doesn’t live in California so its possible that she won’t be arrested and booked in to the jail. Reports say that if convicted she’ll could receive up to 3 years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

So she gets arrested and convicted and sentenced, now she has a one year old child that she’s not going to be able to see during some of the most incredible times of the young child’s life. Ages 1-5 for a child are very delicate and good parenting is a must for that child to be able to flourish. Now the only memories that child will have is talking to his mother through a two inch plexi glass. And this is what all the kids are watching on television today, shame.

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