Use Facebook to Hire a Hitman

Eley London, utilized Facebook to put out messages to see if there was anyone who might take up her offer to kill her baby’s father. She put on her Facebook, “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.” What’s even more amazing was that someone took up her offer. She now has $250,000 worth of bail bonds and her accomplice has $350,000 worth of bail bonds.

Police aren’t usually surprised by how stupid criminals are, but they were definitely amazed at the stupity of this stunt. London, who is 20 years old placed the message on her Facebook wall. An eighteen year old kid contacted her and said he’d take care of it. She sent him the address and description of the baby father, White.

White’s mother saw this message by London and called her son. White then called the police and notified them of the message on Facebook.

The Police went out and arrested London and charged her with conspiracy to commit murder. They then went out and visited Bynum, the worthy accomplice, and found a .22 caliber gun in his residence. They arrested Bynum and charged him with attempted murder and a weapons charge.

The strange sense of stupidity in both the criminal’s actions is beyond most people’s understanding.

Now the two accomplices are in jail with fairly hefty bail bonds. In our Ventura Bail Bonds office we have never come across a scenario as this. We’ve bailed out some criminals that share the lack of intelligence such as these aforementioned individuals, but nothing so amazing.

The mother now has way more to think about than her troubled ongoings with her baby’s father. She’ll most likely lose custody to him, or even worse, adoption by another couple. She’s either going to stay in jail and wait for her court date or somehow come up with $35,000 to work with a bail bonds company. Normally it’s 10% of the overall bond cost which is $35,000.

Maybe she can now use Facebook to see if she can raise $35,000 to bail herself out of jail. Let’s see, if she has 400 fans/followers, that’s only an $87 donation from each follower. She could set up a Paypal account and get released tomorrow. I wonder if one of her followers, White’s mom will donate?

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