Van Nuys Bail Bonds for Medicare Scammers

Hopefully you haven’t visited the phantom health clinic at 15904 Strathern St. in Van Nuys, CA. If you had or even resided there, you’re probably in line for some Van Nuys Bail Bonds.

Several Van Nuys residents were among a huge Medicare Sting performed by the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department, IRS, Burbank Police Department, and Glendale Police Department.

This phantom clinic located at 15904 Strathern St in Van Nuys, CA was among the many illegal clinics shut down with this raid. The name of the clinic was Endeavor Diagnostics. It was actually a vacant office space according to court documents. This was only one of eight phantom clinics in the Los Angeles and Van Nuys area.

The Medicare scam covers the entire United States and over $163 million. Officials are calling it the largest in the agency’s history. The people allegedly behind the scheme are Armenian and Russian organized crime families and individuals.

Armen Kazarian is referred by officials as the “vor”. The Armenian organized crime godfather. Kazarian was arrested in the month of October. More than 70 other individuals were also indicted on charges of stealing the identities of physicians and opening up 118 phantom medicare clinics across the United States.

The scheme would start with the phony physician filing an application to become a Medicare provider. Then phony clinics in Van Nuys would be opened. Once the clinic was open, the defendants then stole beneficiary identifications and started the billing process to Medicare. No Medicare beneficiaries were treated or even seen. It was a document producing clinic in order to get paid by Medicare.

As the funds came in from the fake billing process in to fraudulent bank accounts, the money was immediately withdrawn and laundered. Sometimes the defendants would fake the signatures of the fraudulent bank accounts in order to withdraw the money. They would then deliver the money to a third party. The third party would cash the checks and deliver the money to the defendants, minus a “processing” fee.

Unbeknownst to the defendants, the third party was an informant for the FBI/IRS. Its estimated that $17 million worth of claims were submitted for Medicare repayment. Medicare reimbursed more than $8 million to the defendants for these phantom clinics, phantom physicians, phantom patients, and phantom bank accounts. How the heck could this happen?

The Armenians and Russians come over here and scheme a $163 million plan against the Medicare system which is only in place to help out our elderly. This makes all Americans victims of this crime and we all need to make a stand against people who feel that stealing identities to put money in their pocket is a rational and good plan.

Some of the police and officials of Van Nuys are asking the local residents to keep from generalizing or branding Armenians and Russians as criminals. Weren’t we already branding them as criminals? That’s a strong statement to make against and entire race, but if you live in Van Nuys, Glendale, Burbank, and even the Los Angeles area, you’ve realized that every other Armenian or Russian you meet is pretty “shady”. And that’s fact.

Try calling five different moving companies in Van Nuys, CA. First thing you realize is four of the five are ran by Armenians. Second thing you’ll realize is they all have the word, “America” in their DBA’s. Allegedly, this gives them some sort of kickback from the government. Plus, they also get additional tax breaks for being a foreign business. Third, you’ll find out very quickly that they are all “shady”. This is proven when you read all the reviews or even if you choose to do business with them. You’ll also see that the same owners will have many different DBA’s registered under their name, why? Well, when you spoil one DBA, you move on to the next one, cheat a bunch of clients, move on to the next one, rinse and repeat.

It’s not surprising that the people behind the Medicare scheme are Armenians and Russians. Its been proven that their ethics and morals are quite different than the general United States market.

The real shame comes from the fact that our government can be taken advantage of so easily. That our government is so naive. That there are no checks and balances for predators and criminals like these. This crime is not new and has been going on for over nine years.

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