Ventura Bail Bonds for Ice Cream Robbers

Remember the nice sound of the Ice Cream man? Well, I guess two men in Ventura, CA thought differently about him. Now they’re probably stuck with a couple Ventura Bail Bonds.

The Ice Cream vendor who has a cart at Huntsinger Park in Ventura, was going about his own business, distributing nice frozen popsicles and other various creamy desserts when a couple of lads approached him and asked for some ice cream. The vender turned and reached in side the cart to retrieve the items and all of a sudden, the two suspects jumped him.

The vendor was able to scramble away. Meanwhile the suspects took up shopping for free from his cart and fled the scene. It was reported that they jumped in to an SUV.

The police began tracking the whereabouts of said SUV. Finally the Ventura Police tracked the SUV to the corner of Saranac and Clay Avenue. At that time one of the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene. This suspect has yet to receive his Ventura Bail Bonds.

The other suspect was arrested by the Ventura Police officer and taken to the Ventura Main Jail. His Ventura Bail Bonds amount has yet to be reported.

So why pick on the poor ice cream man? Was it really hot that day and they suspects just didn’t have any money and really needed some refreshments? Here we have a nice entrepreneur out on a sunny day trying to make a buck. And two idiots decide that they’re going to take advantage of him probably because they are bored.

Good thing Ventura, CA has a good police force and caught up with the hoodlums. Yes, “hoodlums”. Both suspects should be in the Ventura Jail and not be left out. Hopefully they’ll appear in the Ventura Courthouse and the judge will fine them a few thousand dollars.

Too bad the court can’t rule that they suspects have to pay the ice cream vendor for lost profits for the day and possibly the next day since I’m sure the vendor probably took a day off. And what now for the ice cream vendor? Will he have to carry some protection or something?

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