Ventura Bail Bonds for Local Gang Members

Two suspects sent to Ventura, CA Jail now have Ventura bail bonds to deal with. Apparently the suspects have been charged with street terrorism and criminal threats. They are suspected with threatening to harm a mother of the daughter that one of the suspects was intersted in.

ventura bail bondsThe two names of the suspects are Hudson and Reyes. The arrest happened at 1:35am near Carlyle Street in Ventura, CA. The Ventura Police Department resided over the entire arrest and investigation.

Hudson and Reyes made threats to a mother of the daughter that Hudson was courting. Why? Well, apparently the mother wouldn’t tell Hudson or Reyes where her daughter was. And what is it these days with kids not paying any respect to elders? If the mom says she, either isn’t going to tell them the whereabouts or that she has no idea where the daughter was, leave it at that. You’re a kid, she’s the parent, and the line ends there. What happened to Hudson’s and Reyes’ mothers and fathers? Are they not implementing enough guidance in their lives that they aren’t learning the fundamentals of respect?

Hudson and Reyes called the mother various times threatening her on the phone. Then they drove back and forth in front of her house yelling out the window of their vehicle at the mother.

Neighbors also called in to the Ventura Police and reported that someone was driving recklessly in front of their houses. They also reported that this vehicle was attempting to strike pedestrians that were in the area. Apparently, there was someone standing in the street waving a bat at the Hudson’s vehicle trying and possibly hitting the car.

After some investigation and cavassing, the Ventura Police found Hudson on Carlyle and arrested them on suspicion of criminal threats, drunken driving, and street terrorism.  The two suspects will probably get some hefty Ventura Bail Bonds for their ridiculous behavior.

Where was Reyes? Well, Ventura Police found him hiding in some bushes with a knife on him. Reyes was also arrested and booked into the Ventura Jail.

Both idiot kids were 20 years old and obviously have absentee parents and guidance in their lives. Let’s see, I’ve got an idea, let’s go over to that girls house that you like and ask her mother where she is, because she’s not answering her phone. Light bulb! Maybe she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. And you think that her mother is actually going to pass any information on to you? Even worse, you think that threatening her is going to get you anything but a seat in the jail?

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