Ventura Bail Bonds for Man Convicted of Murdering 8 Week Old Fetus

Your girlfriend’s pregnant, you have three choices, kill it, put it up for adoption, or let it live. That’s the non-political, untactful way of stating the wonderful world of child rearing. One man in Ventura, CA decided to murder his 8 week on child while it was still in his girlfriend’s womb and for this he was arrested and dealt a Ventura Bail Bonds.

This guys brilliant plan happened after the girlfriend said she wanted to keep the child and he decided he would have none of it. He decided that he did not want to support her or the child and when she said she wanted to keep the child,  he started developing a plan to take care of it.

He hired two guys to kill the fetus. He put up $500 for the two thugs. Here was the plan. Alert the thugs to where she was going to be at whatever time and have the situation look like  a robbery. The thugs would beat up the girlfriend and ventura county bail bondshopefully hit her in the belly hard enough to cause an abortion. Just brilliant. Not really.

Not only did Olmos get a Ventura Bail Bonds but he also had his day in court. The court ruling brings up some very interesting points regarding murder, abortion, pro-life, and when the fetus is considered a living being.

This man was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and one count attempted murder. And now after attending court in Ventura he has been convicted of these crimes. His sentencing date is October 21st.  The sentencing could be 25 years to life in prison. The defense attorney must be filing appeals like crazy. How on earth does a person get convicted of murder of an eight week old fetus?

Could this same girl with the eight week old fetus be tried for murder if she walked in to an abortion clinic and received the abortion? What if she did her own abortion? Does having it done at a clinic make it legal? Was it a crime just because the girl wanted the baby? What if the boyfriend (father) wanted to keep the baby and the mother didn’t. Then the mother goes and has an abortion without the consent of the father. Can the father charge the mother with murder?

That very question of who in the end owns the rights to the fetus is very controversial. So is the question of when the fetus is considered a human being thus having repurcusions of committing a crime if the fetus is slain.

It has been plainly decided in court many times over that the father of the fetus really has no rights for that fetus and the fetus’ rights are really under the mother. Not that this is the right decision or even the wrong decision. It all mostly comes down to the fact that there is a system in place that situations like this can be argued in front of fellow humans with a mediator to oversee the whole thing and an outcome, whatever way the outcome goes.

Getting back to the idiocy of Olmos to believe that jacking up his old girlfriend would be a good plan, just leads you to understand why he was stupid enough to get her pregnant in the first place. Stupid enough to get a girl pregnant at age 23, not married, and then follow that up with a very stupid decision to hire some thugs to slap the girlfriend around until she aborted the said child, and I’m sure you can find out many other bad decisions made by this man, so the fact that they man will end up in the jail in Ventura, CA is a perfect fit.

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