Ventura Bail Bonds to One But Not the Other, Why?

In Ventura CA a man reported that his motorcycle had been stolen. The Ventura Police responded around 11:30pm Sunday night. They found a 22 year old and a 16 year old pushing the said motorcycle on Brunswick Lane. A Ventura bail bonds was most likely issued to the 22 year old, but not the 16 year old, Why?

Seeing that the two were definitely guilty, since they were in actual possession of the stolen motorcycle.

ventura county bail bonds

Ventura County Bail Bonds

They were caught pushing it from the actual crime scene, briliant! So why did the 22 year old get arrested and the 16 year old didn’t?

Pretty obvious, but it bares a little discussion. The court of law says that defendants under the age of 18 are seen as juveniles and will be treated accordingly. The 16 year old in the case would never receive a Ventura bail bonds. He won’t even see the interior of the jail cell.

Most of the time the juvenile’s parents are called and quickly involved in the situation. Then, if the parents aren’t quick enough to react, whether it’s because they are at work or far enough from the crime scene, the juveniles will usually be held at the desk of a deputy or detective until the parents show up.

Some of the detention facilities do have juvenile areas, but this is rare, especially in these days with all the economical cut backs on jail personnel.

The other arrestee is a different story. Since he was 22 years old, he get to hang out with the other felons or defendants in the “big person’s” jail. Not much love goes around in that place.

It is not yet clear whether the 22 year old was given a Ventura Bail Bonds. In most cases of theft and grand theft the amount of the bail bonds would be between $10K and $20K. Seeing that the motorcycle probably was worth more than $400, he would be charged with grand theft, or  a bail set at $20K.

The next step would be to find out if the defendant had any priors. If the defendant had any theft priors on his record, the judge or arresting officer could then increase the bail to even $50K.

As you can see, stealing a motorcycle seems like a choice that not many of us would actually even think about doing. But even to a criminal, the risks seem just too much for such a small possibility of monetary outcome.

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