Watch Out for Bats With Rabies in Ventura County

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Ventura County has sited bats and found out that they have rabies. Apparently there are ten bats that have been recorded, tested and shown to have rabies. This number bats with rabies is considered high and therefore there are a few news stories being written about the occurence.

Workers from the county walked around the neighborhoods in Ventura County to warn the people. Rabies can be transmitted by saliva or spray from the animal and can be carried by any warm blooded animal. Rabies can be fatal if not treated. But if treated, there’s no real concern.

Bats are the most normal carriers of rabies in most cities. Bats are considered good for the environment because they eat insects and pollinate plants.

Our Ventura County bail bonds office has actually not seen any bats yet, but if we do, we’ll let you know. Currently if you see any bats, you are supposed to call Animal Control immediately and report the siting.


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One Response to “Watch Out for Bats With Rabies in Ventura County”
  1. reigna says:

    I didn’t know bats have rabies. There are bats here and they usually stay on the trees and eat it’s fruits.

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