Who Provided the Santa Clarita Bail Bond for them?

Santa Clarita Sheriff’s police weren’t specific just how the the adult hispanic males – both maximum-security inmates escaped.The Santa Clarita Police investigated whether any vehicles at the loading docks may have been involved. I wander if they had put up any Santa Clarita Bail Bonds?

Santa Clarita Sheriff’s believe that the males, recognized as Winder Barrios and Jose Aldana, both twenty-four and from Van Nuys might have designed their own get away because they were fit to be in prison for quite some time. The days after three witnessesanta_clarita_bail_bondss identified them in court as suspects in a string of robberies, the men disappeared.

On March 27, two hispanc males allegedly broke into an Encino house, tied up the housekeeper at gunpoint as well as started helping themselves to computing devices and television sets. As soon as the homeowner’s child showed up during the robbery, she also was tied up. Other robberies that the hispanic males allegedly did was driving next to cars and pointing shotguns at the occupants in order to steal whatever they could from the people in the cars.

The two hispanic males have recently been charged having numerous counts of robbery, utilizing some sort of gun in the commission of a crime and false imprisonment. Aldana also faces yet another penalty of sexual battery connected with a March 26 holdup, in accordance with the sheet.

The two males could face 10 years in prison. But what about the attempted escape and will the prosecutors go for more and will they find additional charges that might have happened when they were running around trying to escape.

The 2 hispanic males were finally caught because a couple people called the Sheriff’s. The two males where trying to get clothing from some Jack in the Box patrons. “Hi, can I get a Sour Dough Jack, A shirt, pants, and if you have any shoes, that would be great.” Hey, that might just be on the Jack in the Box menu.

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