$50K Van Nuys Bail Bonds for Hit and Run Suspect

A 21 year old was arrested on hit and run charges Saturday evening. He fled the scene only to come back later and turned himself in. Now he’s in the Van Nuys Jail with $50,000 Bail Bonds Van Nuys.

The man was driving on Coldwater Canyon, heading towards Sherman Way when he struck an older gentleman who was crossing the street. The gentleman was crossing where there weren’t any crosswalks, it was very dark out, and the gentleman was 76 years old, which means that he probably wasn’t moving very fast.bail bonds van nuys

Police say that if the suspect would have stayed at the scene, he probably wouldn’t have been cited and definitely wouldn’t have been arrested and put in jail. Once he fled the scene it became a hit and run scenario which is a misdemeanor.

The older gentleman was loaded in to an ambulance and driven off to the emergency center where he later passed away.

During this time the suspect returned to the scene, around 2am in the morning, and peacefully gave himself up to the Van Nuys Police detectives who were investigating the scene. The police then handcuffed him and took him to the Van Nuys Jail where he now sits awaiting a few decisions.

He can stay in jail and await his court date which is most likely Tuesday. He then can plead with the judge to lower the bail, or possibly grant him out on his own recognizance.

He can also call someone to bail him out. Here he has a couple choices. Call the bail bonds company directly or call a friend or loved one and have them call the bail bondsman and bail him out. Either way, if he goes through a bail bondsman, he’s going to have to come up with $5,000 for the bail bonds premium.

For a $50,000 van nuys bail bonds, the bail bonds company takes what’s called a service fee. This fee is 10% by law in the state of California. The service fee is paid to the bail bonds company for leveraging a $50,000 bail bonds. The bail bonds company, the insurance company supporting the bail bonds company, the person who signed for the defendant, and the defendant, are all responsible for making sure the defendant attends all of their court proceedings until the case is finished. At this time the bond will be exonerated and the responsible parties are no longer responsible for the ongoings of the defendant, no matter his guilt or innocence.

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