Los Angeles Bail Bonds for Woman Who Stole Xmas Gifts

As the courier trucks showed up at the local houses in the area, a 42 year old woman followed closely, stealing the packages as the trucks dropped them off. She’s in for some Los Angeles bail bonds since she’s been arrested on several felony accounts for theft.

los angeles bail bondsIn court, the woman plead not guilty. But when police pulled her over to ask questions, there were several packages in the car, none of which were addressed to her.

As the packages were being stolen, local Los Angeles, CA residents reported the thefts. The police started investigating the incidents shortly thereafter. As the days before Christmas lessened, more and more reports of stolen packages came about.

The detectives who were policing the area saw a car that was following a courier truck. They then pulled the car over and the 42 year old woman was then arrested. In her car were several packages. None of the packages were addressed to her.

She has been charged with three counts of felony grand theft and one felony count of receiving stolen property. The bail for her is probably quite large, probably at least $75,000. A bail bonds company would need to receive $7500 and a very good signor if the defendant wanted out of jail to prepare for her trial.

If she’s out stealing gifts from people’s porches, it’s pretty apparent that she doesn’t have $7500 to bail herself out. How desperate does someone have to be to drive around in the afternoon stealing Christmas presents from people’s houses? Maybe we can ask Mr. Grinch.

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