No More Van Nuys Bail Bonds er Bill Boards

Living in the Van Nuys area isn’t always the best place to be. The surroundings isn’t as posh as most would like but you have to set up shop somewhere. As a Bail Bonds Van Nuys company we are driving around a lot and we found out today that the city is taking an initiative to removing those unsightly mobile billboards that you see parked on side roads and major roads.

A new state law allows local government to ban the mobile billboards and there was a major crackdown this pastbail bonds van nuysweekend. These are trailer mounted advertising signs. You can see some of them on Tampa as you approach the 101 freeway coming from the Valley.

There are community members that make up a posse. The posse issues warnings to the advertisers first and if the warnings are not heeded, then citations are given. In the end the owners are subject to misdemeanor penalties. Things could also escalate from there. Say the owner has forgotten about the advertising trailer and therefore doesn’t get the warnings or the citation. He wouldn’t attend the court date and thus would have a bench warrant out for him. He get’s pulled over and arrested. Now stuck in jail with Van Nuys Bail Bonds.

That’s an exaggeration, but it could happen. There are a few owners of the signs that are fighting back. Some of the owners are showing up at the new conferences pleading their cases. But alas the spoken words of these advertisers are falling on deaf ears. No one wants to see advertising, especially ugly trailers parked around our neighborhood.

If the advertisers’ mobile trailers are not moved after the warnings, the owners receive citations. If the owners dismiss this step, then their trailers are impounded.

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