Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Reduced to $200,000

In an earlier article we reported that the bail bonds for the former BHUSD Facilities Director was set at $2 million. Today we learned that her Beverly Hills Bail Bonds has been reduced to only $200,000. The decision came from Judge Solorzano after hearing the testimonies of a few patrons of the former BHUSD employee. [...]

Freedom to Success- 5 Steps for Lohan

After a tumultuous four years, Lindsay Lohan is out and free to do as she pleases. Well, not completely free. She is on probation, which means she can only live life to the fullest minus alcohol, drugs, and other rules set by the judge. After a few Beverly Hills Bail Bonds ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 her [...]

BHUSD Leaders Receive Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

January 17, 2011 by  
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Former Facilities Director and Superintendent of BHUSD have been charged with two counts each of misappropriation of public funds. The Beverly Hills Bail Bonds for the pair were $2 million. Well, that was only for Christiansen. Hubbard is said to be giving himself up to the jail and will undoubtedly get bail bonds later. Apparently [...]

From Beverly Hills Bail Bonds to Rehab Clinics

Linsay Lohan, yep, another article about Lindsay Lohan. She started out getting Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, sentenced to jail, sentenced to rehab, failed drug tests, got another Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, bailed out, sentenced to rehab again (luckily), and now, she has a bright idea of opening up rehab clinics in the US. Well, isn’t [...]