Are Bail Bonds Companies On the Way Out?

More and more states are adopting the so called “Pre Trial” way of doings things for the bail bonds world. The latest of these cities vying to adopt the pre-trial release program is Colorado Springs. But even at this point it’s just listed as a bill and needs to be voted upon. The pre-trial release [...]

Pasadena Bail Bonds for USC and UCLA Fans

The UCLA-USC rivalry goes back many years and most of the time the the tailgating is just full of trash talk with humorous anecdotes thrown around. This last weekend,a few $1 million Pasadena Bail Bonds were handed out to three individuals for the charges of attempted murder. All of this happening before the game ever [...]

Pasadena Bail Bonds for Four Passengers

Be careful who you are driving with, oh, and be careful who’s car you are driving in. There are possibly four Pasadena Bail Bonds for four passengers of a car in Pasadena, CA. Pasadena Police Officers spotted a car that had been reported stolen. The officers saw the car driving on Marengo Avenue. They quickly [...]

$3.1 Million Pasadena Bail Bonds Issued in Teen Shooting

A local parolee is charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a felon resulting in a $3.1 million Pasadena Bail Bonds. Reynolds, the parolee, showed up at a place called, The Underground looking for a rival and again, innocent Pasadena bystanders get in the way. This time it was a 16 [...]