How Do Bail Bonds Work in Ventura, CA?

Pretty much how they work in all the cities in California, but let’s talk a little bit more about Ventura Bail Bonds. Say you’re heading down Main Street in Ventura and you get pulled over by the local Sheriff. You’ve been drinking and the officer know’s it. He get’s you out of the car, does [...]

6 Men Swim 202 Miles for Ventura Bail Bonds Company, Not!

Written by Ventura Bail Bonds Greer Its difficult to write stories every week about Ventura Bail Bonds and this was a story I just couldn’t pass up. Six men, all over the age of 40 did a relay swim from Ventura, CA down to the La Jolla shore. Their name is the Ventura Deep Six [...]

Ventura Bail Bonds for Man Convicted of Murdering 8 Week Old Fetus

Your girlfriend’s pregnant, you have three choices, kill it, put it up for adoption, or let it live. That’s the non-political, untactful way of stating the wonderful world of child rearing. One man in Ventura, CA decided to murder his 8 week on child while it was still in his girlfriend’s womb and for this [...]

Are There Any Ventura Bail Bonds for Flag Burners?

After someone initially tore down 70 of 87 flags displayed along the Ventura, CA promenade, police arrested an 18 year old kid and probably issued a Ventura Bail Bonds for destroying property. A local Ventura, CA Flag company initially donated 87 flags for display along the promenade. The display was set up for Memorial Day [...]