Planned Parenthood Clinic Bombed With Cocktail

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Donny Mower, 38, of California, pleaded guilty in federal court these days to one count of arson, 1 count of damaging religious property and one count of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which makes it a federal crime to harm the property of a reproductive health services facility. These charges [...]

Tri-Cities Bandit Now Linked to Nine Bank Robberies

The FBI and law enforcement in various cities are seeking the public’s assistance with information leading to the identity of the Tri-Cities Bandit, an unidentified male robber previously wanted for three bank robberies, but now linked to at least nine, in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. The bandit is described as an Hispanic male [...]

Bail Bonds for Carmageddon Riders and Runners

As 7pm Friday, July 15th closed upon us Angelino’s, it seemed we were all scrambling to get our errands done and schedules completed to thwart the surmise of Carmageddon. 7pm came and the 405 was shut down, crews quickly entered the freeway and started with their tasks. The strangest things happened next. People listened. That’s [...]

Computer Tech Get’s Jailed for Spying Through Webcams

A computer service technician is accused of planting spyware on dozens of women’s computers that allowed him to remotely activate their webcams to watch them in their homes. Trevor Harwell, 20, was arrested Wednesday and later released on bail bonds. Harwell worked for a company called Rezitech, Inc., and provided computer service to users with [...]

$50,000 San Bernardino Bail Bonds for Lewd Acts With a 15 Year Old

The times are a changing. But isn’t it time that we all understand that getting involved in a person who is under the age of 18 just the wrong thing to do? One would think that members of the church would know this better than most. Not according to a 53 year old man who [...]

Sheen On Other Side of Bail Bonds

Here’s $22,500! It’s just pocket cash for me any ways. Sheen’s just crazy, although, If I was rolling with that much money, I’d throw down $22,500 to bail out Dykstra, maybe not. Dykstra was being held on $150,000 worth of bail bonds for embezzlement charges. Sheen was the person who bailed Dykstra out of jail. [...]

Lights Out for Copper Thieves in San Bernardino CA

Today’s market and economy has provided some interesting outcomes for many. Take the thieves in San Bernardino CA who have been stealing copper items all around the county. Nothing has really been kept from their thievery. Most notably are the street lights within San Bernardino County. We just might be seeing more and more San [...]

$100K San Bernardino Bail Bonds for 40 Glocc

Another rapper/gangster has been arrested. This time he’s in jail for having a loaded 9mm handgun in his car. Police arrested in and slapped a $100,000 San Bernardino Bail Bonds on him. 40 Glocc, what does the Glocc stand for? Glocc is suspected of several weapons charges. One would think that having accrued such charges [...]

Teen Mom Amber Portwood To Receive Bail Bonds

If she were in San Bernardino, she would have received some San Bernardino Bail Bonds. She’s facing felony domestic violence charges. What’s even more brilliant, she performed the violent acts in front of the camera for the MTV show. What’s her defense going to be? MTV made me do it? On her reality TV show [...]

$500K San Bernardino Bail Bonds for Husband Who Shocked Wife

There’s always a story that comes along that just defies understanding. As San Bernardino Bail Bonds go, this one is pretty darn horrible. In San Bernardino, CA, there was a man who was arrested for torturing his wife by shocking her with 900,000 volts for about an hour. Apparently the neighbors of the loving couple [...]