Van Nuys Bail Bonds Agent Caught Stealing

A Bail Bonds agent has three responsibilities when they write a bail bond. They are responsible to the defendant that they bailed out, the insurance company that is backing them, and to the court of which they bailed out the defendant. The Van Nuys Bail Bonds agent was irresponsible to all three, and is now [...]

Van Nuys Bail Bonds for Medicare Scammers

Hopefully you haven’t visited the phantom health clinic at 15904 Strathern St. in Van Nuys, CA. If you had or even resided there, you’re probably in line for some Van Nuys Bail Bonds. Several Van Nuys residents were among a huge Medicare Sting performed by the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department, IRS, Burbank Police Department, [...]

Man Jumps Off Pier, Gets Van Nuys Bail Bonds

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A multi-City police pursuit concluded having a guy jumping from the Santa Monica Pier into the ocean in the early hours of Sunday morning. Gerjuan Harmon, 27, gradually returned to shore, and surrendered to LA Police Department officers. The Police Officers now have the guy inside the Van Nuys Jail. Currently it looks as if [...]

Van Nuys Bail Bonds News, Sort of.

Pamela Bach leaves court in Van Nuys, California. The ex-wife of David Hasselhoff was in court for an arraignment pursuing her arrest on suspicion of DUI in November previous year. No news if she had used a Van Nuys Bail Bonds. Pamela Bach turned herself in to authorities at a downtown Los Angeles jail on [...]

Van Nuys Bail Bond Agents New Inmate Locator

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There’s a new inmate locator for Van Nuys Bail Bonds Bernie Heller. Bernie Heller Bail Bonds have been around so long and have always come up with ways to make it easier for the public to get information about the bail bonds industry. Bernie Heller has bail bond information on their site regarding; How Bail [...]

Person in Van Nuys CA Abusing the Elderly

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As a Van Nuys Bail Bonds company, we don’t always write stories on this site that pertain only to the bail bonds industry or How Bail Bonds Work. We do however like to write about stories that are relevant to the local area we live and work in. We came across this story the other [...]